Murree is an exurb of Islamabad, a subdivision of Rawalpindi District and includes the parts of the Margalla Hills around Islamabad.


Murree was the summer capital of the Punjab Province of British India until 1864 and today the hill station is a popular getaway destination for Islamabad’s populace. It is located on the southern slopes of the Western Himalayan foothills as they ascend northeastwards at an average altitude of 2,291 metres (7,516 ft). The region of Murree is called “the Queen of the Hills” for its scenic beauty and fascinating greenery. Nature in its full bounty is found scattered over every inch of the graceful hills and the lovely valleys.

Beautiful verdant mountains overhung by pines and oaks, bubbling with gurgling springs, crisscrossed by rivulets, dotted with sprawling velvet-carpeted lawns and orchards with fruit laden trees, present the spectacle of a paradise on earth. The salubrious climate of the region makes the place, one of the best health resorts in Pakistan, which not only helps in recuperation but also elates one’s spirits. Its picturesque dense forests, covering 60,240 acres of area, contribute quite a lot towards boosting the national economy. Its clay hill absorbs a lot of moisture and help flourish trees which grow at an altitude of 1,524 meters above sea level.

Trip Itinerary

DAY 01

  • Sightseeing of Main Murree, Kashmir Point and Pindi Point
  • Trinity church, Sindh House and Remnants of Murree Brewery
  • Overnight at hotel

Day 02

  • Visit of Nathiagali and Ayubia with its National park
  • Dunga Gali Pipe Line trek walk
  • Overnight at hotel

Day 03

  • Patriata (cable ride) and Bhurban
  • Overnight at the hotel

Day 04

  • Leisure day
  • Overnight at the hotel

Day 05

  • Leisure time in Murree
  • Drop to Islamabad