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Shirazi Travels (Pvt. Ltd.) has more than 35 years of experience in the travel and tourism industry. Established in 1976 with just 5 employees, we have grown to over 60 today. Talent, toil and continuous investment have driven the growth of our distinguished, family owned business. Our clients are our biggest asset and have always delivered exceptional and individualized services beyond the travel essentials.

Our team is committed to delivering quality service to our customers with a personal touch. As a leading industry player, we have a global network of hotels and service providers to offer you the most competitive rates.

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Visa Services

If you’re planning to travel to certain countries for tourism, business, or other purposes, our Visa Services can assist you in navigating the visa application process. We offer support and guidance for visa applications to countries such as Denmark, Egypt, Hungary, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Turkey.

Please Note: The Embassy reserves the right to ask for additional/original documents and may require a personal appearance as part of the application process.

For further assistance or to schedule an appointment, please contact our Visa Services team.

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Revamp your bucket list and give wings to your dreamy destinations. Liberating in the delightful international travel destinations is no more a task. Give yourself a break from the monotonous life, explore the breath-taking beauty through international tourism guide.

The majestic alps in Europe to soothing oceans of Mauritius, crazy carnivals of America to inheriting inner peace in Asia; there’s more to life than the robotic lifestyle we all live these days. From a never-ending list to choose from, you can select your go-to trip trail and customise it according to your preferences.

Explore Pakistan

Traveling to faraway places is a common desire for young people. But how many take the time to truly explore their country and to explore all the sights and scenes of your native land?

Make an effort to cross your own country from one end to the other and the difference in scenery will amaze you. Visit all the major towns and cities and make an effort to see all the famous landmarks. Learning to appreciate what you have around you will make the joy of traveling abroad greater and understanding the layout of your own home land will enable you to share with others at home or abroad


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